Oban Baptist Church

Spiritual - Relational - Generational

We believe in the power of God to restore lives, revive the church and renew the community.

We want to be available to Christ as His disciples, to serve His purposes in the world, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Below are some of the markers that we shall be looking for to see if we are fulfilling what we believe to be our calling in God as part of the Christian community in Oban. This is not an exhaustive list but it does highlight some of the key ways in which we want to see the church family grow spiritually and numerically and have an impact upon the community.

Restoring Lives

·       Providing a place for people to belong - a place of acceptance and without a critical spirit.
·       Facilitating reconciliation and restored relationships.
·       Supporting people on the journey of faith through teaching, training and discipling.
·       Offering practical, spiritual and pastoral care. 

Reviving the Church

·       Revitalising prayer throughout the life of the church.
·       Maintaining a focus on the Word of God through reading, studying, teaching and living it.
·       Learning how to hear and respond to the prophetic voice of God.
·       Encouraging the free flow of the Holy Spirit into every part of personal and corporate life.
·      Making house-groups a priority for growth, development of gifts and pastoral care. 
·       Expect God to move in power and plan for growth.

Renewing the Community

·       Looking for opportunities to work with other Christian churches and groups for the sake of the kingdom.
·       Recognising and seeking to respond to social needs within the community so that we can demonstrate the love of Jesus.
·       Engaging with the spiritual needs of the community by having a "presence" within local organisations.
·       Taking the challenge of mission seriously for situations both at home and overseas.
·       Strengthened by the Holy Spirit, being outward looking in the ways we express our faith in Christ.