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Stuart Lawson:  I'm honoured to serve in the role of Pastor at Oban Baptist Church, as part of a strong and committed team of Godly men and women.  I've worked both in ministry and education for over 16 years, and have a passion for God's Word and His people.  My desire is to work towards Biblical community transformation, and I am privileged to be part of a church that has this at its very heart.   My personal vision for Oban Baptist Church is built around a simple principle: We are a community in the community.  Simply, this means that we actively love and encourage one another in the Word and by the Spirit, and take this out into our community in order that it may be transformed.  I'm joined on this journey by my beautiful wife, Helen, and our two precious daughters, and we are here to serve and be all we can be for the people of Oban.


Ian McFarlane: Ian served as Lead Minister at Oban Baptist Church for four years, and his wisdom, energy and experience by God's Spirit have blessed and transformed the congregation.  In October of 2016, he handed over the reigns to Stuart but remains an integral part of the team, operating as a Spiritual Mentor to Stuart as well as continuing to offer his God-given gifts to the local church, community and beyond.  

The Deacons of Oban Baptist Church

OBC has a group of dedicated men and women who form an essential part of the Leadership Team.  They contribute to the oversight of the effective running of the church, with a range of skillsets that serve the congregation and help facilitate the church's service to the community.